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Founded in 2000, Fixngo is an IT and media company that specializes in helping small business with IT consultancy, repair and installation services. We cater to serve all our customers’ IT requirements and thrive in providing our customers with the best IT solutions currently available in the industry.
O ur wide range of services are tailored specifically to cater to our customer’s requirements such as computer repairs of all sorts, Network installation and repairs, server installations and repairs, providing network and system administration, and providing the latest IT solutions in the industry. Fixngo is a one stop shop for any small business who needs IT consultancy and IT solutions.

Our team of trained technicians and staff work round the clock to serve our customers in the best and most efficient way possible. They will take care of all repair, maintenance and support requirements.

Why Choose Us?

If you are having problems with your computer, or need to setup a network or server, or if you need to update or repair your existing network or server then Fixngo offers the best options for server and network installation and repairs and all kinds of computer repair services.

We provide the most updated IT solutions in the industry along with any or all kind of computer repairs. We specialize to help small business in achieving their IT related goals and constantly provide them with services that help them to maintain an updated IT department.

  • To provide our customers with the best IT customer service in the market.
  • Helping small businesses with their IT related problems.
  • Helping our customers as much as we possibly can in achieving a solid IT foundation.
  • Smart Cloud
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Business IT Support
  • Hardware Sales
  • Server Installations
  • Antivirus and Malware


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